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Alina Reimelt

The Graz-born art photographer not only graduated from the fashion school and from the Academy for Applied Photography in Graz but also completed the College of “Fine Art Photography and MultimediaArt” at the HTBLVA Ortweinschule. 

For her College Graduation project, she has recently published her first photo book titled “portraits of people”, which aimed on questioning and extending the concept of the portrait. Her artistic research generally focuses on creating portraits and making human identity visible without showing their physical presence in the picture but rather by defining their identity through their habitat and environment. Therefore, her oeuvre often includes aspects of still life, detail shots, architecture as well as a concentration on interior.

In 2021 Alina Reimelt received the “GUP FRESH EYES Talent Award”. Besides the solo exhibition “discovering places”, she has also participated in several group exhibitions, especially in Graz, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

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