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Brisilda Bufi

Brisilda Bufi graduated 2021 from the College of “Fine Art Photography and MultimediaArt” at the HTBLVA Ortweinschule in Graz and 2014 from her piano studies at the University of the Arts in Tirana. 

Her artistic approach focuses on the object itself, which is the motif that guides the design. Brisilda Bufi deals with the exploration of "in-between zones, in-between spaces and the un/visible borders" that represent the exploration of one's own culturally hybrid view of the world. This is done based on the use of different photographic parameters, perspectives, and diverse visual compositions. Through these blends, the relationship between the visible and the invisible is being questioned while intervals and in-between zones will emerge. This articulates and reflects on one's own identity as a cultural border crosser.

Since 2020 her photographic works have not only been shown in numerous group exhibitions in Graz but also recently in her solo exhibition "out of frame" in Zagreb.

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