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Bruna  Vasconcelos

Bruna Vasconcelos is a self-taught 3D artist who graduated in "Communication Design" at the SRH Berlin School of Design and Communication (BSDC).

In her artworks diverse expressions of femininity, embedded in surreal landscapes, come together with sprinkles of magical style elements. The starting points for her works, whose aesthetic is characterized by a bold and glowy choice of colours, are mostly self-portraits and own photographs of different landscapes as well as natural atmospheres, which she then combines with surreal and occasionally cyberpunk features. An essential aspect of her artwork is to counteract common representations of people within the male-dominated 3D art and thus, to focus on the representation of minorities in terms of ethnicity and gender as well as women* per se.

The artistic works of Bruna Vasconcelos have already been shown at several NFT exhibitions, most notably at

ARTISTS: Pro Gallery
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