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Johanna Lea Lassnig

Johanna Lea Lassnig graduated from the Academy of Applied Photography in Graz as well as from the College of “Fine Art Photography and MultimediaArt” at the Ortweinschule. 
In her artistic research she dedicates herself to the reconstruction of the classical portrait. In her artworks the body itself becomes the photographic canvas and the images essentially accumulate between a polar interplay of closeness and distance as well as oscillate between tactile and visual. Because of her investigation of the diverse methods of the medium of photography, her intention is also methodically represented. By creating close-ups of various body fragments which focus on propinquity and the sense of tactility, the result is actually a visual abstraction and therefore a constant distancing from the portrayed individual. Only physical characteristics, such as tattoos or pigment spots, as well as the indication of place and year of birth as the title of the artwork refer to a specific subject.
Some of her artworks have already been shown at the solo exhibition “a portrait's reconstruction” as well as at various group exhibitions. In 2021 she received the “wildcard” and was therefore represented at the show “Menschenbilder” which is an exhibition that takes place over one year in various public spaces of Austria.

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