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Katrin Leiner

Apart from her education at the Academy of Applied Photography in Graz, Katrin Leiner has – from a young age – also been active in the performative arts, especially at the Next Liberty – youth theatre.

Since the beginning of 2020, she has started focusing exclusively on the production of digital drawings, using primarily the aesthetics of acrylic paints, linework, and a soft, pastel palette that sometimes degenerates into lively colourfulness. The inspiration for the subjects of her work is not only intrinsically based on memories, emotional states or dreams, but also on poems, abstract as well as psychedelic sensory impressions and everyday situations. In the artworks of Katrin Leiner, realism and fiction come together in a unity that, due to this fusion of real and dreamed up worlds, approaches the artistic movement of Magical Realism.

Her artworks have been exhibited at various group exhibitions in Graz such as at “EXIT” and “RAW emotions”.

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