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Lotta Dallermassl

Lotta Dallermassl is currently studying “Fine Art Photography and MultimediaArt” at the HTBLVA Ortweinschule Graz. 

In her artworks she gracefully combines socio-critical as well as feminist themes with a formal play of aesthetics and visual composition. Therefore, she often uses the method of staged photography and concentrates – via the strategically planned image and statements within her works - on evoking impulses in the recipients to reflect on the construction of reality. This especially includes questioning socio-culturally created norms such as cisnormativity, gender roles as well as gender representations. Furthermore, Lotta Dallermassl critically analyses the effects of the age of social-media in regard to perceptions as well as (re-)produced visualizations of the gendered body.

In addition to her solo exhibition “Atmosphere”, her photographs have also been shown at various group exhibitions in Graz. In 2019 Lotta Dallermassl was awarded the 2nd place at the young talent competition of the Professional Photographers of Styria.

Portrait Lotta_c_Anna Kalliwoda.JPG
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