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Manuela  Strametz

Manuela Strametz is a freelance artist with a focus on illustration, who completed "Graphic and Communication Design" at the HTBLVA Ortweinschule in Graz and also holds a Bachelor's degree in "Communication Design" from the Robert Gordon University in Scotland.

In her artistic research she focuses on the representation of human diversity in terms of ethnicity, culture, religion, sexuality as well as gender, in order to put the emphasis on the presence and voices of these individuals and at the same moment to contrast and displace a hetero- as well as cisnormative socio-political habitus. In doing so, the depiction of individuals is not exclusively based on fiction, but Manuela Strametz is mostly inspired by photographs or by people from her non-gender-binary, intercultural environment. By visualizing individuals with a self-confidently approach towards their own bodies, she explicitly takes up intentions of the body positivity movement.

Manuela-Strametz-Portrait_c_Xaver Lindlbauer.jpg
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