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Matteo Birchbauer

Matteo Birchbauer is a self-taught photographer from Graz. He is also currently studying "Philosophy, Political Science and Economics" and "Sociology" at the Paris Lodron University in Salzburg.
It is precisely these perspectives that are reflected in his artistic research, as he strives to visually implement them and thereby raise socio-political discussion points in order to make them accessible. Thus, heterogeneous realities of life are found as subjects in Matteo Birchbauer's photographs, which he makes visible through a focus on the everyday situations of people and their habitats. The aim is to enter these living worlds through the image, thereby making cultural identities, political circumstances, and polar tensions conscious and tangible. The focus is on the concrete, the real, which makes it impossible to close one's eyes. Although his works might seem like a photographic reportage, these are not taken from an objective-distanced position, but the artist´s approach is rather to spend a long time within these spaces as well as realities and in some cases he also works closely together with the inhabitants.
Apart from his solo exhibition "Hai, Давай" in Graz, Matteo Birchbauer has already participated in various group exhibitions in Styria.

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