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Michaela Sitka

In addition to her diploma from the Academy of Applied Photography, the freelance art photographer also studied "Classical Archaeology" at Karl Franzens University in Graz.

The main focal point of Michaela Sitka´s artistic research is the confrontation of direct opposites, e. g. of colourfulness and colourlessness or of a living subject and a dead object. Subsequently, this relation results in experimental new interpretations of classical body studies. This can be expressed, for example, in a tension based on a linking of colour and form with a body pose that virtually stands in correlation with the form and in contrast to it, suggests movement and liveliness. The artworks of Michaela Sitka cannot only be viewed as staged photography with a strategically planned image composition, but also – due to her integration of further artistic, digital technologies – as an interface between digital photography and digital drawing.

Apart from numerous participations in group exhibitions, e. g. at photo graz 020 - Biennale der steirischen Fotokunst, at the Hermann Herzele Gallery, etc., her artworks have also been displayed at the Autumn Fair in Graz.

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