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Natascha Reiterer

Natascha Reiterer graduated from the College "Fine Art Photography and MultimediaArt" at the HTBLVA Graz – Ortweinschule and has since been active as a self-employed commissioned photographer as well as a freelance art photographer and is working as a member of "TeilKollektiv" and "Lendwirbel", among others.

In her artistic research, Natascha Reiterer devotes herself to a meticulous investigation of photography as a medium by experimenting with photographic parameters in order to create new visual worlds. The forest often becomes the subject of her works, which she thematically links to the phenomenon of memory and the related construction of memory images. Therefore, her artworks oscillate between the mental image, the memory image, and the photographic image. Through the reception, the complexity as well as the profundity of the works are perceived, since viewing the image becomes a journey itself – on the one hand, in relation to the senses, through which the depth of the visualized elements of the forest is increasingly explored, and on the other hand, in terms of the impulses, which are inherent in the work, to mentally go back to one's own past experiences.

In addition to her solo exhibition "Spur" at the Photo Gallery of Graz City Hall, her artworks have been shown at various group exhibitions in Styria, such as at photo graz, Open Street Gallery, Arbeiterkammer Steiermark, etc.

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